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Kipacity Hub:
Integrate Learning Content + Analytics with Your Platform

Online learning continues to expand beyond traditional Learning Management System (LMS) platforms. The Kipacity Hub was introduced as a content integration and analytics platform to promote mobile learning from platforms such as Member & Association Management Systems (MMS/AMS) and iOS / Android Applications.

Activities integrated with the Hub store learning data in the Kipacity ecosystem via the Experience API (xAPI / Tin Can), allowing program administrators access to advanced analytics and content metrics in the Hub. All reports and metrics created in the Hub can be easily exported to Excel for internal evaluation.

A Simple, Native Learning Experience

Create a seamless learning experience in your platform or application using activities integrated with the Kipacity Hub. Simply add the provided activity link to your platform or application using some basic and unique user information to connect your mobile learning data to your Kipacity Hub dashboard. Users can access the learning activity on any device, anywhere, and all your learning data will be waiting for you in the Hub.

Device screenshots of Kipacity Courseware mounted on a third-party Membership Management System
Screenshot of the function of the Kipacity learning management system Progress Report

The Metrics that Matter

Kipacity Hub aggregates a variety of learning metrics for content and program administrators to visually analyze and export from their dashboard. Dive deeper into your reports by focusing on metrics such as activity launches and completions. Analyze the retention rate of your content by reviewing assessment passing rates and individual question response totals. Reports can be filtered by date range, activity title and location; and all reports can be exported to Excel for analysis outside the Hub.

And SCORM Integration, too

Leverage our Kipacity SCORM wrapper to integrate existing SCORM content. The SCORM wrapper provides full xAPI launch and completion tracking in the Kipacity Hub for program administrators, while still providing users with a native learning experience.

Our Commitment to Accessible Learning

We believe in creating an environment that promotes for all, regardless of ability. Kipacity Hub has been designed for compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level AA and Section 508 standards in the United States.

Ready to Take Your Training to the Next Level?

With over 30 years of experience in creating engaging learning experiences, the Kipacity team is ready show you how we can enhance your online training program with no risk or obligation. Check out our services pages to see what else the Kipacity team is capable of.